Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy constitutes a part of the Bitcoin Aussie System of Use. The terms used in this Privacy Policy shall have the same meanings except as contrarily provided herein.

This Privacy Policy clarifies how we collect, use, process, publicise, share, transfer, and safeguard personal information obtained. The terms “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to the Bitcoin Aussie System.

When we request specific personal information from you, we are instructed by applicable laws or government orders to collect such information or pertinent for our specified objectives.

Please carefully examine the entire content of this Privacy Policy. When visiting us, regardless of whether you register for or log in to our website, you acknowledge, comprehend, and agree to all articles described in this Privacy Policy.

We will not employ your private information for any reason not specified in this Privacy Policy without previous notice to you and your consent.

Information We Collect

The following are the kinds of information we obtain when you register for and utilise the Bitcoin Aussie System:

Information You Provide to Us When Registering

When you register on our website, you provide us with your email address, full name, date of birth, nationality, country code, gender, signature, residential address, password, and other essential information to help us identify you.

Information We Collect to Comply with Regulatory Policies

To comply with global and local industry regulatory standards and government orders, we are expected to obtain personal information and identification information.

We will describe the content and requirements of such personal information each time we collect data, and we reserve the right to alter the content and conditions of the collected data.

Information We Collect as You Use Our Services

Service Usage Information

Through your access to and use of our services, we may monitor and collect tracking information related to usage.

Transaction Information

For all personal and institutional user accounts, we may obtain transaction information as you use our services.

We collect such transaction information to regulate the dubious trading activity for user fraud protection, legal case resolution, and other purposes.

Communication Information

You concede that, for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy, we are authorised to collect and use the information contained in or related to the communication that you send to us or generated through your use of our services.

Financial Information

You agree that, for the objectives divulged in this Privacy Policy, we are qualified to obtain and use the information contained in or related to your financial information when you use our services.

How We Collect Information

Information We Automatically Collect

Most of the personal information that we collect is directly given by you. In the following situations, we will collect and process the information about you:

Information Collected from the Third-party Sources

We may collect information about you from third-party sources.

How We Use The Information We Collect

We utilise the information we collect about you for the following purposes:

To Provide and Maintain Our Services

We use the information collected to deliver, maintain and provide better services.

To Protect Our Users

We use the information collected to protect our platforms, your accounts, and archives.

We analyse trading activities to detect suspicious behaviours as early as possible to prevent potential fraud and loss of funds to scammers.

To Comply with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

With full acknowledgement of the privacy and security of personal information, we will use the information in obedience to our legal agreements, government requests, and reasonable user-generated inquiries.

For Measurement, Research, and Development Purposes

We actively gauge and assess data to understand how you utilise and interact with our services. Our operation teams conduct this review activity to improve our performance continually and resolve issues with the user experience.

We continuously scan activity information within our systems and our communications with users to look for and quickly fix problems.

To Communicate with You

We use personal information obtained, like your phone number or email address, to interact with you promptly when providing customer support or keep you informed on logins, transactions, account security, and other aspects.

Without collecting and processing your personal information for confirming each communication, we will not be able to answer your submitted petitions, questions, and inquiries.

To Enforce Our Terms and Other Agreements

The collected information is also used to continually and actively enforce our terms and other agreements with you, including but not restricted to examining, investigating, and preventing any potentially prohibited or illicit activities that may violate the previous provisions or disclose the relevant information to a third party in accordance in addition to that.

We reserve the liberty to discontinue or terminate the provision of our Services to you if you are found to be engaged in activities that violate our terms.

To Facilitate Corporate Acquisitions, Mergers, or Marketings

We may process any information regarding your use of our service as necessary in the context of corporate gains, mergers, or other corporate transactions.

For Marketing and Advertising

We may share your personal information with our marketing partners for targeting, modelling, and analytics, as well as marketing and advertising.

For Rebates

We may share the information collected, including but not limited to your Identification Information and Transaction Information, with your referrer for rebates and other benefits.

For Any Other Purpose

We may reveal your personal information for any other purpose you agree to.